Monday, November 5, 2012

Playroom 3- Kids Table with storage

I found one of those Lego Tables at DI for $15 last year.  I don't really like these tables, but for that moment it would do and I knew I could sell it the next day for way more if I wanted.  That moment turned into many months.  We had some friends over and she commented how much she liked the table because her son loves legos.  I told her I wanted to build my kids something else and she could buy it off me when I did.  Well a few weeks later her son had a birthday.  I went and got him a present and then recalled this conversation we had had.  I called her up and asked her if it was totally ghetto for me to offer to give him this table for his birthday being as it was far from new.  She is quite the thrifty buff herself and assured me he would love it.

This of course forced me to kick it into gear designing something for my kids.  They played on that table all the time, but they really like to color too and that table does not really let you do that well.  So I constantly had colored pencils and papers on my kitchen table.  I wanted to design something that would hold storage without having to lift up a top to get to it.  I anguished over a design because I wanted to be able to have lots of kids sit at it too when we had friends over.  Then I remembered all those bar height tables that are so in right now and how some of them have storage in the center under the table.  DUH!  I said to myself, why did I not think of that sooner.  Enter ANA WHITE of course to see if she had a design on her site already.  She did of course, I used this Storage Play Table plan as my base and added a couple extra shelves.  I actually pieced together shelves from my leftover bookcase refurbish for the table top using a kreg jig and ripped down a bunch of old reclaimed wood for the rest of the "boards" in the table and chairs.  I had to buy spray paint for the chairs which brought this project to a price tag of about $10 for everything.  I LOVE how it turned out and it is big enough we could sit 8 kids at it if we needed.  I plan to build benches for when we need them that I can stack and use as a small bookcase in the playroom for added storage. 


Crystal @ 29 Rue House said...

Becky it is so cute! I love how your table has shelves!

Danielle Wagasky said...

We love our Lego table. The kids play on it everyday. I love how your new table came out. Awesome!

Danielle @ Blissful and Domestic

Hilary said...

Love your table and chairs! I'm scouring the internet as we speak to make a set for my son (and daughter on the way!). Did you make your chairs too? I'd love to know where you got your plans.... Thanks!