Monday, November 5, 2012

Playroom Part 2

My playroom is really not THAT big.  It is fairly long, but only 9 feet deep.  This room is a playroom ( a must here in Vegas where it isn't feasible to go outside in the summer-unless you are in the pool), but also craft room with lots of STUFF, a tv room, and kind of the catch all room.  Previously I had two bookcases in there with all sorts of books and other hulla-baloo on them.  I decided to help the room look bigger that I would get as much off the floor as possible.  So my first step to doing that was to take apart the bookcases and build them into shelves that line the room at 15" from the ceiling.  I am tall enough that I can reach them without a problem so I can keep all my stuff up there.  However, if someone short ever moves in, then I suppose it would probably all be books or things you don't need on a regular basis.

I spaced my DIY brackets every 30 inches because my studs are every 15.  I think I only drilled one hold that didn't hit a stud when I thought it was suppose to!  YEA!  I would have loved to get fancy shmancy brackets to make this looks super cool, but on a budget, I used scraps and built my own.  I had the white paint already so this project helped a ton to get me organized and came out at a whopping price tag of FREE for the whole thing.