Friday, January 6, 2012

Audrey's birthday present

I sent Ana 4 different ideas that are at the top of my list. I have to work very hard to keep myself down to only thinking about 3 projects or I will get so overwhelmed I get anxiety. The one I am currently working on, the one I am currently designing (on computer) and the next one on the lineup.

I had already planned on building Ana's play kitchen set for Audrey for her birthday. I told Ana this and she sent me a plan she had actually already designed. So that ended up being my first project for her. Awesome, Ana paid for my daughters birthday! :) Check out the full posting of the One Piece Play Kitchen on her site for plans as well. This is also Part 2 of the Playroom project.


Cassidy said...

You amaze me! It looks just as cool in the picture as it does in real life!

Crystal said...

Hi - I'm over from Ana's website! I totally know what you mean about getting overwhelmed when you have to many projects going. The same thing happens to me but I can't help myself! :) You also did an awesome job on the play kitchen! So cool.

Crystal :)

Nathan and Colleen said...

You're awesome. That's all I have to say.