Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ikea Trofast Toy Storage

I am turning my Den into a playroom and here is

Playroom Part 1

I loved this idea of easy storage for a kids playroom. I was just going to buy them from Ikea because they are not a bad price. However, I drew up the plans and found that I could build three of them out of one sheet of plywood!!! SOLD. So I hacked the design and it took me only a day to build them. Love it. Cost me $30 (just for the wood that is). I built them to exact Ikea specs so I could buy their bins also. They are a good size and they are pretty sturdy and super cheap. Love it.

I used a router to cut into the plywood about a half inch. You could also use a dado blade on a table saw, which would probably actually be better. You could also totally build them an inch wider and just screw slides into the sides. But this measurement was the only way to actually get three of these out of one sheet of plywood.

When I get them situated exactly where I want in the room, I will probably put a little "mantle" on them as a finishing look.

And here are the plans

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