Monday, March 22, 2010

My first project update- Audrey's room

Just wanted to share this almost finished project. I finally got Audrey the bed I wanted for her. Free I might add, It is a full size so there is plenty of room for her to grow into it. Or plenty of room for us to cuddle with her and fall asleep with her on! Oh well, maybe just me to fall asleep with her on. There was one night Charles fell asleep with her and apparently he found her on the floor! at 2 am! SEE SEE...I am totally not a bed hogger. He steals bed space from a baby!!

Anyway. I got a nice padded mattress pad and made a super soft sheet out of a fleece blanket (this is the best thing to sleep on, and way cheaper, ask me how I will tell you, it's easy to make one!) The bedskirt looks like a little girly tutu made of tulle. Love it, will probably add a white ruffle layer under it though so that you can't see the box spring through the tulle. I am still in the process of making the headboard. I have to order the buttons I want to do the tufting with. Used an old plywood board from scenery stuff, hand-drew an arch shape, ran over to a very generous friends house to use the jigsaw, bought the batting at 40% off and already had some leftover fabric. The buttons will be the most expensive part but still the whole project should come in at around $50! Course I am not using foam. Technically you are suppose to use foam that is what gives tufting that deeper look, but, I just used three layers of batting, hopefully it all turns out FABULOUS. I think it will. I am excited.


I will update in a few weeks with the final project!

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danislayer said...

I would love to know how to make a sheet like that. Please tell me. Thanks